Your safety has always been our priority!

While this hasn’t changed and never will, we’ve made some changes to our operations in order to ensure the continued health & safety of our guests and employees, and mitigate the risk of infection from Covid-19.

For this, we have followed the official guidance of the CDC, as well as industry-specific recommendations from FareHarbor (our reservation system), and the World Travel and Tourism Council. We have committed to implement the WTTC’s Leading Global Protocols for the New Normal for Tour Operators and can proudly display their Safe Travels stamp to show our commitment.


Safety Guidelines for Guests

  • Shaking hands is so “pre-covid-world”! We are in Hawaii, so we are replacing the hand-shaking with a “Shaka“. Extend your thumb and pinky, close your index, middle, and ring fingers, and shake it up!
  • We always provide as much hand sanitizer as needed of course, so you can pump away any time. We bring extras, so we never run out. We also have regular soap available so you can give your hands a real wash when we stop at local bathrooms.
  • Please bring your face mask. As per a mandate of the State of Hawaii, masks are required at all times when indoors–so yes, that includes within the vehicle. We may take our masks off when outdoors. Note the situation is still fluid, and mandates may change at anytime. Please bring your refillable water bottle if you have one. If you don’t, plastic water bottles are provided, as we had to temporarily suspend our use of stainless-steel reusable water bottles.
  • Unfortunately, we have also temporarily suspended our use of reusable utensils, plates, and napkins. However, we are making every effort to use environmentally friendly alternatives and keep avoiding plastic as much as possible, and we will resume this practice as soon as we feel is appropriate.
  • In all our vehicles we have tissues, hand wipes, toilet paper, feminine products, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, reef-safe sunscreen, natural insect repellent, as well as a trash can with a liner bag for proper disposal.

Payments & Waivers

  • Payments for tours are required in advance of the tour date and are processed through our secure reservation system.
  • Gratuities are never expected, but always appreciated! You may hand it directly to your guide in cash. For a contactless alternative, you can ask your guide for their Venmo account, or if you prefer to charge it to your credit card on file, just let us know via email or phone and we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Waivers are signed electronically upon making the reservation (the link appears in the confirmation email). For guests who have not signed the waiver prior to the tour, they have the opportunity to do so on their own phone before departure.

Employees Health

  • Employees are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • Employees are required to self-monitor and to report any symptom, no matter how minor.
    Employees who display any symptom will be required to stay home, and may only return to work after providing a negative Covid-19 test, and when free of any symptom.
  • We reserve the right to assign a different tour guide to a booking at any time.
  • Should no guide be available for a scheduled tour, we will communicate as soon as possible and offer a reschedule, a comparable alternative, or a cancellation with full refund.
  • Guides are required to wash hands whenever possible, wear gloves while cleaning and handling gas pumps, and wear face masks when indoors.
  • Nothing new here, but guides are obviously required to maintain excellent personal hygiene, wear freshly laundered clothes, and follow all official guidelines as they become available.

Vehicles and Equipment Cleaning and Sanitation

  • We have always taken pride in having the cleanest vehicles, as is evidenced by many of our past guest reviews, and we already had a pretty comprehensive cleaning policy.
    We’re now doubling down for extra safety and sanitation, following the CDC guidelines for non-emergency transport vehicles, and sharing the outline with you.
  • All our vehicles go through a thorough wash at the end of each day. The inside of each vehicle is also rigorously detailed and sanitized after every single tour, this includes: seats, floors, seat pockets, cup holders, and all other nooks and crannies carefully vacuumed, all windows cleaned, thorough cleaning of all surfaces and high touch areas: door handles and panels, plastic trims, belts and belt buckles, and educational handouts. All of this plus any other object that is usually touched: sanitizer bottles, courtesy bags, water cooler, and surfaces.

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