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Explore Maui Nature was initially created by Beth Lariviere, a wildlife biologist who wanted to provide visitors to Maui with a different kind of experience; one that focused on the natural world.

In the most geographically isolated place on Earth (Hawaii!), she met Delphine Berbigier, another passionate advocate for the island, and the owner of a five-star tour company, Unique Maui Tours. Together, they worked to provide visitors with the most exceptional tour experiences; one that focused on being a part of it all, from a geological, biological, cultural, and historic perspective.

Beth eventually moved to the mainland and Delphine took over the operations. Today, Explore Maui Nature offers extraordinary tours on Maui because you won’t just “see” the best sights. You’ll experience the island with guides who care deeply about its future, and who want to share the intricacies and the beauty that is Maui with you.

From Maui nature tours including birdwatching to hiking and exploring Haleakala and Hana, we can plan the perfect Maui excursion for you to experience this magical isle. Allow us to introduce you to the island’s splendor with great expertise.

Explore Maui Nature also recognizes the importance and significance of diacritical markings in ʻŌlelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian language) including the ‘okina [‘] or glottal stop and the kahakō [ō] or macron (e.g., in place names of Hawai‘i such as Lāna‘i). However, in order to provide a seamless online experience for our visitors, these diacritical markings have been omitted throughout our website. While on tour with us, we encourage you to ask your guide about ʻŌlelo Hawai’i and learn proper pronunciation–it’s not as hard as you think and you’ll have fun trying!

E komo mai. Welcome.




“I grew up in L.A., but I have lived on Maui for over 15 years and worked at Haleakala for nine of those years, as a ranger and for the non-profit park partner.”

Wendy loves to help you experience Maui nature — hiking on a volcano, birdwatching in a cloud forest, and wading in a clear stream. Ask her about the weather, geology, plants, and animals and she’ll be happy to share her mana’o (knowledge, insights), and maybe even improvise a song for you.

She spent three years teaching English in Japan and loves communicating culture through stories and songs.

“I am crazy about islands! The first place I played tour guide was on Alcatraz Island. The first place I worked as a ranger was Crater Lake National Park, with its beautiful Wizard Island. But as they say, ‘Maui no ka ‘oi!’ (Maui is the best!)”

She can’t wait to get behind the wheel of adventure with you!

tour guide marta selfie

“Aloha! I am an eternally curious 25-year resident of Maui who appreciates the beauty this wondrous place offers up to us all each day. I am an avid hiker, bird nerd, certified master gardener (and all-round plant freak!) A few of my other passions include Hawaiian music; dancing in many forms – including hula, a serious endeavor of mine for six years, embroidery, healthy cooking and sweet downtime with my beloved and hilarious canine companion, Rocco. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my always expanding knowledge of this island’s astounding sights, sacred culture and fun local lore. And I can’t wait to spend a day exploring and experiencing these treasures with you soon!”

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