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Exploring Haleakala- A Maui Must-See!

Haleakala Crater
Hiking in the crater

When you come to Maui, you have to experience the beauty that is Haleakala (House of the Sun) National Park. Maui’s dormant shield volcano that sits 10,023 feet above sea level is breathtaking. At the summit, you actually feel as if you could be on another planet, and the views are stunning!

At different elevations, you experience the different terrain of this 30,183 acre park, all the while looking out over the rest of Maui: the ocean, the West Maui mountains, and the valley. Sometimes, you have an amazing cloud layer hovering around the mountain underneath you. Looking out across a sea of clouds (without being in an airplane) is spectacular.

There are quite a few activities you can participate in to experience Haleakala; biking down the mountain, hiking into the crater, bird watching at Hosmer Grove, taking in sunset at the summit, signing up for an astronomy tour, camping, and more.

We provide affordable private tours to the summit where you can experience a handful of these activities! We also lead guided hikes through the crater (typically 11.2 miles) and provide shorter hike options for people who want to spend their day experiencing a variety of activities.

Whatever your plans are, we highly recommend not missing out on Haleakala National Park. We will guide you through the beauty, the elevation and all the sights with expertise, creating lifetime memories for you in total comfort. We would love to talk with you about your upcoming Maui adventure! This is a part of Maui that can’t be missed!

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